The Shady Side Of Online Slot Streamers


Numerous popular Twitch streamers benefit a lot from online slot streaming. These streamers partake in some of the best games and go live. While playing, they interact with the fans and earn a ton of money. The betting of some of these streamers goes to an insane $50 or even more for a single spin. Through these payoffs, they are able to bag major prizes.

There are streamers who have even bagged six-figure cash prizes right in front of their viewers. It could be games through an idn casino or other platforms. Idn casino can be found online for a list of games. While these streamers win an insane of money, there are people questioning if it’s legit or not. Keep reading to find out the truth.

What Makes Them Suspicious?

The majority of the online slots provide betting ranges that lie between $0.20 to $100 for every spin. Certain games also offer buying options. Here, a gambler can automatically start triggering the bonus after choosing to spend a huge amount of their stake. On the other hand, slot streamers usually possess the bankroll for partaking in larger stakes.

The average streamer usually bet anywhere between $10 till $100 for each spin. Yes, it is possible that they can afford all these higher stakes since they are Twitch personalities. However, the suspicions become even stronger when these streamers are proceeding to wager $50 or even $100 for every round for continuous hours.

Naming Some of These Shady Streamers

Nowadays, Twitch is filled with many seasoned and aspiring slot streamers. They are all hopping in on this trend train to secure cash prizes. Let us look at some of these shady slot streamers.

Roshtein – We have to start our list with the most famous online slot streamer, I.e., Roshtein, AKA Ismael Swartz. His over-the-top personality and huge wins are what made him popular in the slot world. He has successfully won six-figure payouts and always lets his audience know everything. The burning question will be if he is utilizing real money to gamble. Roshtein routinely bets over $100 for every spin.

So, at a rate of over 500 rounds every hour, it would amount to $50K in bets. Here, on a slot that features a house edge of 4%, he would lose $2000 every hour on an average. So, if he is streaming for over 100 hours per month, then his monthly losses will equal $200,000. The math isn’t making sense even when you take his wins into consideration. Even multimillionaires won’t be able to sustain such a loss rate.

Casino Daddy

This channel is run by three Swedish brothers called Mathias, Anton, and Erik. These brothers began streaming for shorter periods at first but finally transitioned into full-time affiliates of casinos. There are many rumors going around that they were getting paid handsomely to sponsor specific casinos and fake about their major slot winnings.


Casinorobot is widely known for betting thousands of dollars every day. He bets massive amounts of money on numerous mobile slot games that leave his audience stunned. How can a boy who lives in his mom’s basement afford such money? The gambling community became suspicious of him when he played in Dunder, which is a gaming website.

There are many speculations floating around that Dunder provided funds to Casinorobot to play these games in their casino. Plus, LeoVegas was recently exposed for offering fake funds to other streamers, including Casinorobot.

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